The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills

“The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills” is an informative article that presents a curated list of 13 programming blogs and websites aimed at enhancing coding abilities. Suitable for both beginners and advanced readers, these recommended resources cover a wide range of programming topics and languages. From Better Programming to Lynda, David Walsh Blog to CSS Tricks, and NSHipster, the article introduces some popular blogs that provide valuable insights and lessons. Additionally, the content offers helpful tips for programming beginners, such as starting with the fundamentals, finding a programming partner, and emphasizing the importance of hands-on practice. It also highlights the benefits of running a programming blog, including the refinement of technical skills, the establishment of a personal brand, and the effective expression of ideas. Ultimately, the conclusion emphasizes the importance of consistent coding practice and encourages readers to follow the curated list of websites to enhance their programming prowess. With an abundance of valuable resources and expert advice, this article serves as a valuable guide for individuals seeking to improve their coding skills and stay up-to-date with the latest programming trends. Let’s dig into the world of coding and unlock its potential together.

Programming blogs and websites

In the ever-evolving world of programming, staying updated with the latest trends, techniques, and developments is crucial for both beginners and experienced individuals. Thankfully, there is a plethora of programming blogs and websites that cater to the diverse needs of programmers. This article will explore some of the most popular and useful programming blogs and websites, covering a range of topics and languages.

Better Programming

Better Programming is a comprehensive blog that covers a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and techniques. With articles written by experienced industry professionals, Better Programming offers in-depth tutorials, best practices, and insights into the world of programming. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced developer, this blog provides valuable resources to enhance your coding skills and knowledge.


Lynda is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various programming languages, web development, data analysis, and more. With expert-led tutorials and hands-on exercises, Lynda provides a structured approach to learning programming. Whether you are a beginner looking to kickstart your coding journey or an experienced programmer aiming to expand your skillset, Lynda’s vast library of courses caters to individuals of all levels.

David Walsh Blog

The David Walsh Blog is an excellent resource for web developers. With a focus on front-end development and JavaScript, David Walsh shares his insights, tips, and tricks for creating modern and engaging web applications. David’s articles cover a range of topics, including CSS, JavaScript frameworks, performance optimization, and more. Whether you are a front-end developer or aspire to become one, the David Walsh Blog is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration.

CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is a popular blog that focuses on web design and front-end development. With a strong emphasis on CSS, this blog provides tutorials, code snippets, and examples to help you master the art of styling web pages. From beginner-friendly guides to advanced techniques, CSS Tricks has something for developers of all levels. Stay tuned to CSS Tricks to stay abreast of the latest trends in web design and front-end development.


NSHipster is a blog dedicated to exploring the lesser-known corners of Apple’s programming frameworks. If you are an iOS or macOS developer, NSHipster offers in-depth articles on topics such as Objective-C, Swift, UIKit, and more. With a focus on the peculiarities and intricacies of the Apple ecosystem, NSHipster equips developers with the knowledge necessary to build robust and elegant applications for Apple platforms.

While the above blogs cater to a wide audience, programming beginners often have unique requirements and challenges. Fortunately, there are several blogs and websites specifically designed to help beginners kickstart their coding journey.

Blogs for beginners


Codecademy is an online learning platform that offers interactive coding lessons in various programming languages. With a hands-on approach, Codecademy provides beginners with access to real coding environments, allowing them to practice and apply their knowledge in real-time. Whether you are interested in learning Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, or any other popular programming language, Codecademy offers interactive and engaging lessons to help you get started.


freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive curriculum for learning web development and other programming topics. With a focus on project-based learning, freeCodeCamp offers a structured pathway for beginners to master the skills required for web development. By completing coding challenges and contributing to real-world projects, learners gain valuable hands-on experience and build their coding portfolio.

The Coding Train

The Coding Train is a YouTube channel run by Daniel Shiffman, a professor and experienced coder. With a focus on creative coding, Daniel covers various programming concepts and languages through entertaining and engaging videos. The Coding Train is especially popular among beginners due to its approachable and fun teaching style. Whether you are interested in graphical programming with Processing or exploring JavaScript frameworks like p5.js, The Coding Train has something to offer.

While beginners have their own set of resources, experienced programmers also require platforms that cater to their advanced knowledge and skills. The following websites are recommended for those looking to take their programming skills to the next level.

The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills

Websites for advanced readers

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is perhaps the most popular question and answer platform for programmers. With a vast community of developers, Stack Overflow serves as a hub for troubleshooting, discussing programming concepts, and seeking guidance on various topics. By actively participating in discussions and sharing knowledge, experienced programmers can broaden their understanding and gain insights from other seasoned professionals.


GitHub is a web-based platform that facilitates version control, collaboration, and code hosting. It is a preferred platform for advanced programmers to manage their code repositories, contribute to open-source projects, and showcase their skills. By actively participating in open-source projects on GitHub, experienced programmers can collaborate with others, solve challenging problems, and gain recognition in the developer community.


HackerRank is an online platform that offers coding challenges and contests to developers. With a wide range of programming languages and problem-solving challenges, HackerRank enables advanced programmers to put their skills to the test. By solving challenging problems and competing against other programmers, experienced developers can further enhance their problem-solving abilities and stay sharp in their chosen programming languages.

Different programming languages have their own nuances and peculiarities. For programmers focusing on specific languages, it is beneficial to follow dedicated blogs that provide insights and updates related to those languages.

Blogs for specific programming languages

Ruby – Ruby Inside

Ruby Inside is a blog dedicated to the Ruby programming language. With a focus on Ruby news, tutorials, and best practices, this blog serves as a valuable resource for Ruby enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Ruby developer, Ruby Inside provides content that can help you stay updated with the latest developments and deepen your knowledge of this elegant and powerful language.

JavaScript – JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly is a curated email newsletter that delivers the latest news, tutorials, and tips related to JavaScript. With JavaScript being one of the most widely used programming languages, staying updated with the latest trends and techniques is essential for both beginners and advanced developers. JavaScript Weekly acts as a reliable source of information, ensuring programmers stay aware of the evolving landscape of JavaScript.

Python – Real Python

Real Python is an online platform that offers tutorials, articles, and resources for Python developers. With a comprehensive approach to Python programming, Real Python covers a wide range of topics, from beginner-friendly guides to advanced techniques. Whether you are just starting with Python or have been coding in this language for years, Real Python provides valuable content to enhance your Python skills and tackle real-world challenges effectively.

In the realm of web development, there are specific blogs that cater to the needs and interests of web developers. Whether you are interested in front-end development, back-end development, or the myriad of other aspects that make up web development, the following blogs are highly recommended.

The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills

Blogs for web developers


Bocoup is a web development consultancy that also maintains a blog focusing on front-end development. Their blog covers a range of topics, from JavaScript frameworks to web accessibility. With articles written by experienced web developers, Bocoup’s blog provides valuable insights and best practices to help web developers create efficient, accessible, and user-friendly websites and applications.


SitePoint is a platform that offers a wealth of resources for web developers of all levels. With a vast library of articles, tutorials, and books, SitePoint covers various topics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and diverse frameworks and libraries. Whether you are a beginner trying to grasp the basics of web development or an experienced professional looking to stay updated, SitePoint has resources tailored to your needs.

A List Apart

A List Apart is a popular blog that explores the intersection of design, development, and content. With a focus on web standards and best practices, A List Apart offers thought-provoking articles and insights from industry professionals. Whether you are interested in responsive design, accessibility, or emerging trends in web development, A List Apart provides thought-provoking content to help web developers stay informed and create exceptional online experiences.

Apart from web development, mobile app development is another specialized field that requires its own set of resources. The following blogs cater specifically to mobile app developers.

Blogs for mobile app developers

Android Developers Blog

The Android Developers Blog is an official blog maintained by Google for developers working on the Android platform. With announcements, updates, and detailed documentation, this blog provides insights into the latest features, tools, and best practices for Android app development. Android app developers can stay informed about new APIs, design guidelines, and industry trends through the Android Developers Blog.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is a newsletter that curates the most interesting and useful articles, tutorials, and tools for iOS developers. With contributions from experienced practitioners in the iOS development community, iOS Dev Weekly acts as a valuable resource for staying up to date with the latest advancements and best practices in iOS app development. If you are an iOS developer, subscribing to iOS Dev Weekly can help you expand your knowledge and improve your skills.

Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is a website that offers tutorials, articles, and learning resources for mobile app developers. With a dedicated focus on iOS, Android, and game development, Ray Wenderlich provides comprehensive tutorials and step-by-step guides that cater to developers of all skill levels. Whether you are a novice or an experienced mobile app developer, Ray Wenderlich’s content can help you elevate your skills and create high-quality mobile applications.

While gaining knowledge from blogs and websites is valuable, it is equally important for programmers to actively engage in coding practice to reinforce their skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills

Coding practice platforms


LeetCode is an online platform that provides a collection of coding challenges and interview questions for programmers. With a vast library of problems categorized by difficulty and topic, LeetCode allows developers to practice their coding skills and refine their problem-solving abilities. By solving coding challenges on LeetCode, programmers can improve their algorithmic thinking and prepare for technical interviews.


Codewars is a community-driven platform that offers coding challenges in various programming languages. With a focus on gamification, Codewars allows developers to solve coding problems and level up their programming skills. By tackling increasingly complex challenges and comparing their solution approaches with other developers, programmers can improve their problem-solving abilities and learn from different coding styles and techniques.


Exercism is a platform that provides coding challenges focused on test-driven development and mentorship. With a strong emphasis on feedback and learning from experienced mentors, Exercism helps programmers improve their coding skills through iterative practice and code reviews. By participating in Exercism’s challenges, developers can enhance their knowledge of programming languages and coding best practices.

Continuous coding practice is paramount for programmers at all levels. The benefits of regular coding practice extend beyond improving technical skills alone.

Importance of continuous coding practice

Enhancing technical skills

Continuous coding practice helps programmers stay sharp and up to date with the latest programming languages, frameworks, and techniques. By actively working on coding challenges and keeping up with the rapidly evolving programming landscape, developers can enhance their technical skills, ensuring they remain competitive in the job market and capable of tackling complex projects.

Problem-solving abilities

Coding practice challenges developers to think critically, algorithmically, and analytically. Regular practice allows programmers to refine their problem-solving abilities, train their brains to approach complex problems systematically, and identify efficient and elegant solutions. By honing their problem-solving skills, developers become better equipped to tackle real-world coding challenges.

Developing a strong foundation

Continuous coding practice helps developers build a solid foundation in programming concepts, algorithms, and data structures. By actively engaging with coding challenges and exercises, programmers reinforce their understanding of fundamental concepts and develop a strong grasp of common programming techniques. This solid foundation provides a platform for tackling more advanced programming concepts and expanding into new domains.

For beginners embarking on their coding journey, it is crucial to keep a few key tips in mind to ensure a smooth and effective learning experience.

The Best Blogs and Websites to Improve Your Coding Skills

Tips for programming beginners

Start with the basics

When beginning your programming journey, it is important to start with a solid foundation. Invest time in learning the core concepts of programming, such as variables, loops, conditionals, and data structures. Familiarize yourself with the syntax and conventions of your chosen programming language. By mastering the basics, you will build a strong foundation to tackle more complex programming challenges.

Find a programming buddy

Programming can sometimes feel overwhelming, and having a programming buddy can greatly enhance your learning experience. Collaborating with someone who shares your interest in coding can provide opportunities for mutual learning, problem-solving, and motivation. You can discuss coding concepts, work on projects together, and provide feedback on each other’s code. A programming buddy can serve as a valuable support system throughout your coding journey.

Learn by practicing

Theory is essential, but practice is key to mastering programming. Actively engage in coding challenges, projects, and exercises to reinforce your learning and apply your knowledge. Start with small projects and gradually work your way up to more complex tasks. Build a portfolio of your projects to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients. Learning by practicing not only solidifies your understanding but also hones your problem-solving abilities.

In conclusion, continuous coding practice is crucial for developers of all levels. By actively engaging with coding challenges and staying updated with the latest programming trends and techniques through blogs and websites, developers can enhance their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and overall proficiency in programming. It is recommended to explore the blogs and websites mentioned in this article as they cover a wide range of programming topics and cater to different levels of expertise. Start coding and keep practicing to reap the benefits of continuous learning and improvement in the world of programming.

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